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Stripes ...and Java Web Development is Fun Again (Version anglaise seulement)

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Commentaires (en anglais seulement)

"[...] the best confluence of a great explication with a great technology since C Programming by K&R [...]"
"[...] this book is a constant jazz-like crescendo of best-practices."
"[...] new favorite programming book and framework."
-- Robert O. Munger

"Probably the best framework-specific book I've ever read."
-- K. Reay

"Freddy does a superb job of writing technically but without the overtones of superiority as some authors tend to project."
"If you are new to Stripes get this book. If you are familiar with Stripes, get this book. I promise you will learn something you didn't know before, just as I did."
-- Gregg Bolinger

"Get the book, learn the framework and be a happier developer."
-- Ed

"It's very well organized, introducing components and arguments of the framework in a logic and developer-friendly way."
-- Gabriele Fabbri

"We were only using a small subset of what you can accomplish with Stripes, and thanks to this book we now know how to use Stripes to it's full potential. The book is easy to read and the examples are great! It walks you through building an entire web application from beginning to end."
-- Scott Archer

"As others have mentioned this is one of the best written books on programming/frameworks that I have read [...]"
-- Mackstar

"What really impressed me was the author's dedication to giving you full examples of all the possible variations; you're not left thinking, "If I just knew how to use that feature." If you want to know how to use a Stripes feature, look it up in this book-it's definitely covered. Stripes...and Java Web Development Is Fun Again will be on my work desk from now on."
-- Jeppe Cramon

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